Tips For A Successful Video Interview

You’ve been asked to perform a video interview after applying for a job recently, you have the invitation link, now it’s time to get it done. Here are some tips to ensure it’s a smooth process and you show your prospective employer everything you have to offer.

Plan Ahead

Like any interview, there is a great reward in being prepared. Spend time researching the company you are applying to and if it suits you, take notes about the company and the position you are applying for. Recruiters will look for educated applicants who are able to work in information about their own company during the interview process. If the video interview provider or company making the request sends advanced questions, study them and prepare.

It’s all about lighting

Find somewhere where the light is pointed towards your face. This will help you show up best by the camera.

Location, location, location

A clear white or light coloured background works best for video interviews. Find somewhere that isn’t cluttered and has a clean surface behind you. Most video interview platforms have the ability to see the feed before recording. Ensure you have no distractions, ringing phones or odd noises in the background. Find a clean and private space for the interview.

Look directly into the camera

Just as good eye contact helps people communicate in person, direct eye contact with the camera shows the viewer you have the skills to communicate. This will help reinforce your words and present a confident image to recruiters.

Dress for the occasion

Many applicants feel like the video interview process is more personal and casual. You can take it anywhere, at home or at work, but it’s not good to treat it different than any normal job interview. Approach the process like you would meeting a recruiter in person and dress as if you were starting your first day. This makes a big impact on the people reviewing.

Be confident and get your point across

Every candidate has value to some company out there. Whether you are an intern applying for your first job or a seasoned expert, present the potential value you bring to the organization you are applying to and be confident in your abilities. Video interviews allow for a less painful screening process, where a candidate could interview with numerous businesses in a single day without the time commitment for travel and meetings. While this is less involved than traditional interviews, try to treat it just as important and deliver the message of how great you are.

– Venterview