Product Features

A robust platform with easy to use functionality. 

The Next Step in Recruiting

A digital recruitment solution tailored to the needs of Medium Business & Enterprise.

The Only Tool You’ll Ever Need


One-Way Video

Automated videos remove the initial ‘first interview’ steps and cut down time commitments for recruiters and candidates.

Digital Talent Pool

Store and pool your candidates under each job, allowing for greater visual data as well as the ability to create a long term candidate pipeline.

Collaboration Tools

Send and receive shortlisted video candidates. Whiteboard and comment with your team, review and rate. Hiring managers work better together.

Question Bank

Preexisting questions and templates for fast job creation. Custom creation for building a standard job profile.

Branded Invitations

Assign your company colors and attach your logo. Reach out to applicants under your own brand.

Flexible Messaging

Create custom invitations and reach out to candidates automatically on SMS & email .

Hire With Verifiable Data

Automated one-way video interviews allow you to review candidates from anywhere and make lightning fast decisions to hire the best talent.