Did you know Google has a job board!?

Is your job board of choice not delivering as well as you expected? Tired of poor candidates, and crazy fees just to get exposure for your position? Well I have good news for you! Google has come to the party with a simplified solution making life easier for both...

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Terminate Your AI Bias

Artificial Intelligence is a major growth industry right now. When people hear "AI" some are thinking blockbuster movie type ideas about it. I'd like to clear up the misconception. When we talk about AI in business recruiting it's not really Rise of the Machines but...

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Embracing the Digital Transformation in HR

Innovation and evolution of technology is reaching levels unseen since the early days of the tech explosion. Back when Windows 98 was a revolutionary OS, and AT&T was predicting the future.  What is the difference between ‘Evolution’ and ‘Innovation’ exactly?...

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‘Ghosting’ is a two-way street

Whether you chalk up the current recruiting climate to millennials entering the workforce, boomers retiring or just a shift in economics there are some elements everyone agrees on. We are speaking about ‘the candidate driven market’ and a noticeable shift in small and...

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When Interns Go Digital, Everybody Wins

Intern programs can receive hundreds to thousands of applicants depending on your company size and brand. Google received 40,000 applicants selecting 1500 interns. In our experience, even smaller companies with strong brands deal with 700+ applicants and their teams...

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How To Master Your Video Interview

I jumped at the chance to do my first one-way video interview, which funnily enough led to where I am now. Many people see this as a chance to put their best foot forward and prove their worth right now, as opposed to someone getting to the pile of resumes when they...

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6 Reasons to Switch to Digital Recruitment

Top recruiters and hiring managers in today’s market are very selective with how they spend their time, maximizing productivity. Digital recruitment tools are taking away the repetitive nature of HR and creating actionable data points to make informed decisions...

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