Is your job board of choice not delivering as well as you expected? Tired of poor candidates, and crazy fees just to get exposure for your position? Well I have good news for you!

Google has come to the party with a simplified solution making life easier for both hiring managers and candidates, and with no fees! People use Google to search for absolutely everything these days so it makes sense that you can now search for jobs too. And it’s not your regular Google search either, a special window appears at the top before all the regular search results which are usually a smorgasbord of confusing job board listings.

Simply click on ‘more Jobs’ at the bottom of the box, Google now indexes all the job postings in your area and presents them in a nice neat format. Most businesses these days post their positions on their website career page, often through their ATS system and Google easily picks this up. For smaller businesses don’t fret, it still picks up postings on the job boards i.e. Indeed, Kijiji, Glassdoor, LinkedIn etc. It’s a very level playing field for all involved, no fees and no sponsored listings giving advantage to those with a large budget to spend. Lets break down the benefits to both businesses and candidates.

Businesses and hiring managers

  • No more fees to promote your position – no bidding against larger companies for exposure to the best candidates
  • Reach a wider group of job seekers, increasing by the day with greater adoption
  • Take the guess work out of deciding which job board is going to work best


  • Single point of contact – no more trawling multiple job boards!
  • Visual, easy to use filters for narrowing your search
  • Easy to setup email alerts for new job postings

If there’s one thing I’ve learnt about the recruitment industry is it’s continually evolving and usually for the better, this has the potential to be a real game changer.

Sam Reid on Email
Sam Reid
Customer Success Leader @ Venterview
Sam Reid is the Customer Success Leader at Venterview. He brings 13 years of service desk experience in the banking sector, including a role at HSBC London. With 6 years in management overseeing teams of 40+ and handling recruitment responsibilities, he has a keen understanding of how to overcome hiring challenges. His current role involves aiding HR recruiters with their digital transformation.