Artificial Intelligence is a major growth industry right now. When people hear “AI” some are thinking blockbuster movie type ideas about it. I’d like to clear up the misconception. When we talk about AI in business recruiting it’s not really Rise of the Machines but rise of new tech systems and the only thing getting Terminated is inefficiency and human error. It’s automating simple tasks that recruiters never really liked doing in the first place and it can help us address unconscious biases we may all suffer from. 

Recent advancements in tech actually help overcome our subconscious bias while hiring. Traditionally jobs are filled by reading a resume and finding candidates with years of experience doing the same role. However, AI is now being developed to overcome bias and identify soft skills of candidates which would make them suitable for a position they have never actually worked in before. For example, AI-driven analytics has the ability to scan a resume and identify someone who has worked in customer facing roles as having superior communication skills and empathy which would make them perfect for a similar role with same soft-skill requirement, wherein unconscious human bias may take shape eliminating candidates from a position without exact experience in the same type of position.

Another example of technology helping us overcome our bias is applications that will strip out details from resumes like names and dates. Reading resumes and having no idea what their gender is, their age or nationality can be extremely liberating and see even greater diversity in the workplace. In today’s candidate-driven market it will become increasingly critical for companies to adapt and expand their talent pool. Utilizing these technical advancements will help companies to think outside the box and fill their positions with skilled workers they may not have otherwise considered. 

As quickly as technology is developing, the critical component is and always will be our human touch. The real key is finding that perfect balance of human and machine and using the Rise of AI to get us to the point where human interaction can excel, making us less biased and cognizant of unseen opportunities.

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Sam Reid
Customer Success Leader @ Venterview
Sam Reid is the Customer Success Leader at Venterview. He brings 13 years of service desk experience in the banking sector, including a role at HSBC London. With 6 years in management overseeing teams of 40+ and handling recruitment responsibilities, he has a keen understanding of how to overcome hiring challenges. His current role involves aiding HR recruiters with their digital transformation.