Whether you chalk up the current recruiting climate to millennials entering the workforce, boomers retiring or just a shift in economics there are some elements everyone agrees on. We are speaking about ‘the candidate driven market’ and a noticeable shift in small and large business in how they approach recruiting. Companies are experiencing a major shortfall in finding appropriate talent. Advertising, promotion and brand evolution are just a few of the novel approaches being used to address the problem, spurred by the experience of disinterested candidates and rising bottom lines.

Ghosting is a term you will hear at any recruiting conference at least once over the course of a weekend. Perhaps it was heard more at job fairs in days past, but no matter who is using the word more or experiencing the meaning of it – it happens to both sides.

Candidates looking for jobs are in a vulnerable state and holistic-minded recruiters seek for improved communication, notifying those who don’t make the cut. This requires more time, focus and effort and isn’t entirely realistic on to do manually, especially on deadlines.

On the flip side, when a recruiter is looking at hard deadlines and their top talent choices drop off and break communication, not only can this ruin their professional performance but also damages how upper management views them and their department.

How automation and a digital transformation can help:

When we think of automation we think of reducing the human element. However, if you are on an ATS or using a Video Interview Platform, speak with your provider and ask about automated rejection notifications. This feature is available in many Automated-HR systems but is not always being put to use.

It may be less human than a phone call or personalized email, but being able to reach every candidate automatically reduces the feeling that companies have no time or inclination to notify a candidate they aren’t going to make the final cut. It gives a candidate closure and allows them to move on. In addition, platforms have the ability to provide quick links for candidates to submit they are no longer interested.

This is one way for technology to be leveraged for better communication. As both sides stop leaving the other hanging, perhaps we can use our HR Tech to be more human.

Sam Reid on Email
Sam Reid
Customer Success Leader @ Venterview
Sam Reid is the Customer Success Leader at Venterview. He brings 13 years of service desk experience in the banking sector, including a role at HSBC London. With 6 years in management overseeing teams of 40+ and handling recruitment responsibilities, he has a keen understanding of how to overcome hiring challenges. His current role involves aiding HR recruiters with their digital transformation.