I had a recent talk discussion about 5 skills unique to talent recruiters that video automation will never fully replace, and I realized that there’s missing clarity on how HR Tech will affect recruiting. It’s not about replacement but improvement.

As a customer success manager it’s my job to help HR managers and recruiters adapt to technology their company implements. Sometimes this is just showing them how things work, other times we get into the larger picture and it’s a reward in itself to ease misconceptions.

Let’s look at 5 things video tech will not fully replace:

  1. Building relationships with candidates
  2. Motivating candidates to accept offers
  3. Seeing candidate potential beyond credentials
  4. Identifying “culture fit”
  5. Gauging a candidate’s interpersonal skills

1 and 2 most definitely require a human touch. We will always have the positive impact of good human resources people connecting with their talent. As we incorporate more tech systems into workflows we tend to see a greater impact in the human aspect once the engagement begins. The human touch required to incentivize a job or bring a candidate into the fold is something top recruiters pride themselves on and requires soft skills that haven’t yet been incorporated into technology.

3-5 can be automated and streamlined, freeing up time and resources to do more relationship building etc.

As an example, Automated Video Interviews allow you to see so much more of a candidate than you would through just a resume. You get to see their personalities, energy and charisma giving you a much better feel for whether they are the right fit for your team. See their level of confidence, body language and mannerisms and get a better idea of how they would interact with colleagues or customers. 

Remember, video interviews aren’t used to make a decision whether you’re going to hire someone or not, it simply gives a much better feel for candidates in the screening stages. It allows you to narrow down a candidate pool much more effectively than just reading words on a page. Only allocate precious time to a face-to-face interview once you are certain a candidate is a good fit.

Any automated system still needs human intelligence to run it and get the most out of it, recruiters who embrace these technological advancements will always be one step ahead of their competition. Besides, automation tends to stick robots with the worst jobs, leaving the more interesting and creative stuff for us humans!

Sam Reid on Email
Sam Reid
Customer Success Leader @ Venterview
Sam Reid is the Customer Success Leader at Venterview. He brings 13 years of service desk experience in the banking sector, including a role at HSBC London. With 6 years in management overseeing teams of 40+ and handling recruitment responsibilities, he has a keen understanding of how to overcome hiring challenges. His current role involves aiding HR recruiters with their digital transformation.